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Yetenekler Dizisi: Tintin Sakin Kalmayı Öğreniyor Yetenekler Dizisi: Tintin Sakin Kalmayı Öğreniyor - Harpret Kaur İçinde bulunduğumuz yüzyılda birçok bilgiyi yaşından önce öğrenen ve bildikleri ile yetişkinleri sürekli şaşırtan çocuklar ile birlikte yaşıyoruz. Bildikleri ile kendinden emin, özgüveni yüksek ve ane babalarına karşı çıkan, isteklerini yaptırma konusunda kararlı çocuklar okulsürecine girdiklerinde cidisorun-lar yaşamaya başlıyorlar. Çocuklarımızın sorumluluk almak, başladıkları işleri bitirmek, kuralara uymak, planlama yapmak, farklılıklara saygı duymak, başkalarının yaşam alanlarına ve sınırlarına saygı duymak, zamanı etkili kulanmak, duygularının farkında olmak, duygularını ifade etmek ve sorun çözmek gibi sosyal beceri alanmda sorun yaşadıklarını görüyor ve çözüm aramaya başlıyoruz. Hazırladığımız" Yetenekler Dizisi" ile çocuklarımıza ihtiyacı olan sosyal beceri kazanımını, en sevdikleri hayvan dostları üzerinden hikayeler ile anlatırken çocuğun bilgiyi içseleştirerek öğrenmesi amaçlandı. Nasihat etmeden, eleştirmeden hikayeleri özümseyen çocukların ilişkilerine yansıtabileceği sosyal beceriler ayrı ayrı işlendi. Biliyoruz ki özgüven gelişimi çok şey bilmekle değil sağlıklı ilişki ve iletişim kurmak ve sorun çözebilmekle gelişir. Sadece bilen değil, bildiklerini hayatın içinde uygulayabilen, s orunları çözebileceğine, birinci olmanın değil emek harcamanın kıymetli olduğuna inanan çocuklar için bu diziyi tavsiye ediyorum.


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Yetenekler Dizisi: Tintin Sakin Kalmayı Öğreniyor


Lie Author: Caroline Bock Reviewed by Fran Lewis Teens often have a code that they follow even if wrong. Loyalty, faithfulness and even fear will keep some from speaking out against those that they feel either keep them safe from harm or threatened if the dare to go against them. It you witnessed a murder and knew the outcome was fatal for one and injuries for the other would you tell? Do you think hate crimes and racial attacks should go unpunished even if you think they are wrong? Listen to the voices as I relate what they have to say and decide for yourself if Jimmy, Sean and those involved should get away with one of the most heinous crimes anyone can ever commit: BEATING FOR RACE! Skylar Thompson’s voice is the first one heard. She is seventeen years old and has witnessed a crime committed by her boyfriend, Jimmy. Jimmy brutally and cruelly assaulted two El Salvadorian immigrants from another town nearby and now will stand trial as an adult. Arturo Cortez pays the ultimate price. His brother is seriously beaten. Jimmy takes pride in beating up Latinos on Saturday night. It’s like a ritual or worse his own mantra for living. Next, you hear the voice of Sean who is in a jail cell frightened to death. Sitting among other criminals in the same cell you can hear the fear in his voice, the anguish in his heart but do you think he is remorseful? It started out as fun. What happened he claims was a mistake? Lisa Marie promises Jimmy from a call made from prison to her cell phone she would always be with him, her father would help him with his legal problems and be there for Skylar. Skylar and Lisa Marie are both guilty of telling lies. Lies, everyone tells them. Some lies are more deadly than others when the end truth comes out. Truths are sometimes considered Lies when we twist them to suit our own personal outcome. Skylar lied and told the police she did not witness what happened. Lisa Marie lied or omitted telling Jimmy she was meeting Skylar. Why, still remains to be seen as there are many more voices to be heard, more inner thoughts to be revealed and final outcomes still remain to be seen. So, why won’t Jimmy’s parents post bail? Why will Sean’s? Just when does loyalty stop and the truth need to come out? Boyfriends have powerful holds over naïve and impressionable girls. Skylar cannot seem to function or focus since Jimmy was arrested and feels alone without him. After her mother died he was all she had. Skylar and Lisa Marie discuss what is next and how to deal with things at a local diner. These are the next two voices heard. There are so many distinct voices heard. One at a time the author introduces each of the characters in a unique and creative way. Short and crisp chapters devoted to allowing the reader to hear the inner thoughts of the characters as he/she debates his/her own fate in this incident and in their own life. Skylar caught up in a web of her own deceit, lies and world in order to justify her actions on the night that Carlos and Arturo’s lives would change. One would end and the other would harbor guilt, remorse and anger that things did not go the right way and he could not convince his brother not to take a ride from strangers. The voice of the Principal of the school is heard as she recounts her feelings about Jimmy and Sean including their relationship and how the teachers viewed them. Jimmy strong-minded, charismatic and controlling the actions of all of the others even from his jail cell. Calling Lisa Marie and Skylar making sure that no one speaks about the incident out in the open and to the police. Loyalty, faith and understanding hoping they follow and hear his words or orders to them in order to protect as he states each one of them but who is he really protecting? The voice of Tommy Thompson, Skylar’s father comes through loud and clear. The man works hard and is trying to find a way to communicate with his daughter but she is so controlled, so blinded and so consumed with Jimmy as her “savior and protector,” her judgment is clouded and she cannot see past her own clouded vision of what is really there and what really happened that night. The voice of the mother of the boys is one of fear, frustration and anger as she is trapped in her own country taking care of her family and she hoping after eleven years to get to America and see her sons and protect them from any further harm. But, can she? Is it too late for everyone? Hate is a terrible word. Prejudice is a disease that spreads especially when one person controls the minds of others and they fall prey to that voice when he/she is a superstar in their own right or at least in the eyes of others who have made them that. Friends, family and even many teachers revere Jimmy. He is a star on the baseball team and of course given special treatment as many athletes on pro teams today when they walk into a room. Lisa Marie seems to be the one constant in this story as well as Skylar. These two voices come through loud and clear. Lisa strong and single-minded in her thoughts as she hovers of Skylar, trying to be her close friend yet with one thought in mind to protect Jimmy. Why? That has come to light as yet. Lies people tell them every second of every day. Skylar: Lies to the police and her father to protect Jimmy. Lies to herself about her life thinking he is her only way out. Lisa Marie, Sean and the rest keeping the LIE alive in their own minds and blocking out any truths that might save them all. Jimmy: his voice is not heard except in sporadic phone calls to both Lisa Marie and Skylar. You never really hear his inner most feelings or thoughts and the one thing you will not hear from any is REMORSE! A common practice to go after Mexicans called Beaners on Saturday night just for fun seems the norm with these kids and even the police looked away until now. A great place to live and relatively safe. A school that rates among the best but what goes on outside of the closed doors is not reflected according the Principal as what goes on inside her school or classroom doors. One town, one huge cover-up and one huge and dangerous LIE. Will anyone come out with the truth? Will the truth just be another LIE? Author Caroline Bock has created a plot filled with many important lessons for adults and teens to learn. Hate is a terrible word. Race and class prejudice needs to be discussed in classrooms and hopefully eliminated. When loyalty and trust is a lie that could hurt you or others is it right? When one voice rises above the rest who are weak and afraid what do you do? Sean feels he is worthless and not worthy to be around Jimmy. He states he failed? How? Listening to Sean and Skylar talk near her mother’s grave you being to sense that one of them might break and speak out. Can you keep a Lie forever? Is it right to beat someone up for fun just because they are of a different race? Should an athletic coach be threatened and feel he has to play someone that is not up to the task? Just how far would you go to be in first place? The new mantra in life: First place or no place does not only refer to the game but someone’s position in another’s life. Just how important is selling your thoughts, integrity and values to another who just wants to control you and your actions really worth it? You hear the voice of Jimmy’s father telling the story in his own words and expressing his feelings about what really happened and what he did to protect his son. You hear the voice of Carlo’s when he meets his mother and you hear Skylar, Lisa Marie and Sean each battling with their own version of Lies and half-truths. Lisa Marie supported by her parents. Skylar’s dad hoping to take her away from this nightmare and move on with their lives. Skylar, lost in her own world consumed with Jimmy and only protecting him yet not sure if she should tell the truth to anyone. Lisa claiming she was not there and Skylar the same thing. One witness could end that all. What does happen and who comes out and where you will have to read and learn for yourself. A gripping and compelling novel that will haunt the reader way after you complete reading the novel and turn the last page. Where does Jimmy wind up? Will Skylar face the truth and tell what really happened? Trust: Hard to find someone according to Skylar. Friendships tested, family ties broken and mended and one young man who holds the truth in his hands and the scale of justice he hopes tipped in his direction. An ending so powerful you will definitely need a box of tissues before you find out who remains true to themselves and who continues to LIE. LIE: Long Island Expressway: A road that took many of the voices to where they had to go to protect their LIES. Does anyone say they are sorry? What Skylar decide? What is Jimmy’s fate? LIES: CAN YOU LIVE WITH THEM: REMEMBER THERE IS NO TURNING BACK: I give this book: FIVE HONEST TRUTHS Fran Lewis: REVIEWER

2022-10-11 21:26

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