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Renkli Resimli Okul Öncesi Çocuklar İçin Eşleştirme – Ritmik Sayma – Gruplama – Rakam Yazma – Toplama ve Çıkarma – Geometrik Şekiler Çocukların ilkokulda matematik derslerinde başarılı olmaları, okul öncesinde verilen temel eğitimle birebir alakalıdır. Gündelik hayata karşılaştıkları matematiği fark etmiş olmaları okul hayatlarında kocaman bir artı olarak onlara geri dönecektir. Bu noktadan hareketle hazırlanan "Hayvanlar Âleminde Eğlenceli Matematik" kitabıyla zorlanmadan pek çok konuyu çocuklarımız haletmiş olacaklar. Bol bol yapacakları sayma, çizme, boyama alıştırmalarıyla okuldan ve matematikten korkmayan başarılı bireyler olacaklardır. Özenle seçilen çizimler ve görselerle çocuklarımız bu kitabı çok sevecek, çok eğlenecekler.


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Hayvanlar Aleminde Eğlenceli Matematik


http://bookwitch.wordpress.com/2011/0... I find the most interesting things on the Bookwitch blog, which I read every morning. This sounds fascinating. Some of my favorite authors turn history on it's head.

2022-09-05 20:35


We first meet Nancy Carrington when reading Marta Acosta's wonderful Casa Dracula series, she's one of Milagro's best friends, so she couldn't be all bad, could she? She's one of those socialite girls who went to FU (Fancy University) with Milagro and ever since, they had become fast friends. No one understand Nancy Fancy like Milagro does. By the time we find Nancy in Nancy's Theory of Style, she has married her one time boyfriend, Todd Chambers. Nancy knows they'll look fabulous together, have a fabulous life, and live in a fabulous house. But, maybe fabulous isn't all it's cracked up to be, and maybe life isn't meant to be fabulous. Nancy comes to realize that living with Todd isn't what she thought it would be, it's isn't her fairytale life that she thinks it's going to be, but then life isn't usually a fairytale unless you ignore reality, something Nancy comes to discover quickly enough. Deciding she needs time away from her life and Todd, Nancy starts an events planning business, everyone is always so taken with her weddings, parties, and other affairs she has planned. She knows this will be just the thing for her, she's the best and it will give her life new meaning, she'll be seen as successful, Toddless. So, she moves back to her small apartment in Chateau Winkles, and starts setting up her business. Todd, on a rare generous note, offers to pay for an assistant to help Nancy, to make her life easier. Nancy is grateful for Todd's help, but is it really help or something else? To add to her wrong choices in life, Birdie, her flighty cousins stops to visit Nancy, and leaves without taking one of her most important possessions with her, her daughter, Eugenia. Nancy calls everyone she can think of, but Birdie has done a complete disappearing act, not to be found, and no one will take Eugenia either. Having had Eugenia foisted upon her, Nancy has to learn how to care for a child, she's only ever had to care for herself. Eugenia is a sweet kid who refers to Nancy as Auntie Nanny, much to Nancy's embarrassment, but she lets it go, to please Eugenia. Into the picture strolls her fabulous assistant arranged for by Todd. Derek Cathcart is everything Nancy has pictured the perfect assistant could be; British, gay, good-looking, and completely stylish, so fitting for her Theory of Style. Things blossom for Nancy, in many ways, her business, her assistant, and her niece. But, you know, just when you think you have it all, know it all.... that's when things start to come apart, a lesson Nancy has yet to learn. Nancy's Theory of Style by Grace Coopersmith isn't your typical contemporary romance, nor is it Marta Acosta's typical paranormal romance. It's the story of Fancypants Nancy and how she learns to grow up, that does eventually include romance, and it's a tasty little romance, between Nancy and her fabulously gay assistant, Derek. But what Todd has paid for isn't only assistant services for Nancy, and it may cost her more than her heart. Then there's Bailey Whiteside, and he's not what he appears either, he has all these investment ideas, and even starts to fill Nancy's head with thoughts of a socially acceptable match, but what he really finds socially acceptable is Nancy's trust fund. Another issue for Nancy to deal with are her mother and father, they want life to appear happy, the perfect couple, but it's another fabrication in Nancy's life. Nancy's Theory of Style is a humorous take on the lives of the rich and famous, and it isn't all fairytales and flowers. Nancy Fancypants has some serious growing up to do, and as yet, hasn't be forced to do so. She's made bad life choices too, including marrying the wrong man, and then almost making the same mistake twice. Of all her society friends, it turns out only a handful are truly her friends. Sloane, a friend from college, Milagro, GP, and Mrs. Winkles are the only ones besides her assistant, Derek, who we found out is Rick, really cares about Nancy. All those hoity toity society type friends are just waiting for her to fall on her face, especially Junie. I don't read many romances that aren't paranormals, because, let's face, I adore supernatural creatures! But, as far as a funny, fast, quirky, quick read goes, Nancy's Theory of Style is it. Milagro makes a few quick appears and never fails to make me laugh. Nancy's so involved in her life, she can't really see what's happening all around her. There are some laugh out loud ridiculous moments, some moments when you wish Nancy didn't have to learn things the hard way, and moments when you wanted to kick Nancy in the Fancypants. If you haven't read Grace Coopersmith (aka Marta Acosta), I would definitely start here. Then, rush out and buy her Casa Dracula series because you'll find you can't get enough. I highly recommend this book to all romance lovers, you'll find yourself rooting for Nancy, after you get over the idea of kicking her in her Fancypants. Nancy's Theory of Style is about life and growing up, learning to really live. If you like to try this wonderful book, you can do it for free. For a limited time (and I don't know how long that will be), you can read the Draft of Nancy's Theory of Style at Scribd. It's a little rough and it doesn't have current cover art, but still so enjoyable. Marta Acosta also has out a new YA paranormal, The Shadow Girl of Birch Grove (only her publisher things the title is too long... I'm rooting for Shadow Girl), if you want to try this book for free, click here.

2020-12-13 21:00


This is a bit unfair, but it is a review of the entire series. Yes I am lazy. Basically, I love these books. They let you into the mind of the teenage girl. You read them and completely understand the mess they are, and you can step outside them and see how their actions compliment their feelings, but are incredibly inexplicable for those who don't know what they are thinking. For boys, these are good "Girls are Insane. Here is Why" books. The four girls are vibrant, full of growing, and messed up, like all teenagers. I found myself getting really bored with all the story lines about boys, and really engaged in the stories about their careers and their family. Lena: fighting for her art class and her relationship with her dad. Bee: her archeology and her healing cocoon of a summer in Alabama after a traumatic experience. Carmen: her acting, and her new baby brother (and Win... yes he is the one boy who did not seem to come with any baggage, or sleep with/ emotionally shred a girl). And Tibby: Bailey, of course, and the rediscovery of herself through her film class. A side note about the boys: Sex=bad in these books. Its often good in the moment, but then as soon as the afterglow has worn off, life goes to shit. In two cases, the girls ended up in an emotional maelstrom, and the last one is meh, alas I did not have sex for love and it was casual and ok but nothing big. I understand that the author does not want the message of her books to be sex alla time= amazingness to teenage girls, but I think it would have been healthy to have one sexual encounter that was not total shit. And its sad that the one boy character who doesn't mess anyone up just fades away between books. Regardless, the stories are structured really well! Each small section builds to a climax moment, and then she switches characters. It keeps you going, especially for those of us who find it hard to read for hours and hours. These may even be better for those of us who have grown up and are looking back on high school. At 14-19, even 14-21, you were in the midst of this and so it was hard to see the bigger picture. The girls were just a bit bigger and more alive than you. Their experiences and adventures were just beyond your reach. Now, as an adult, watching these young girls grow and change and realize things about themselves, you are able to step outside the drama and learn from their experience.

2020-09-11 05:46


Bu, insanlar daha önce hiç duymadıkları genellikle harika bir roman istediğinde önermek için en iyi seçimim. Kütüphaneci kayınvalidemden aldım. Mutlak en iyisi olan sorta büyü gerçekçiliği.

2020-01-25 10:25


Bu konuda iyi olan şey: Güçlü fotoğraflar hayvanların ifadelerini ve kişiliklerini güzel bir şekilde yakalar. Resimdeki türler hakkında çok temel bilgiler sayfalarda yer almaktadır. Belirli türlerin davranışları ile kendi türlerimiz arasındaki paralellikler not edilir. Örneğin, yaralı bir filin devam edebilmesi için yavaşlayan bir sürünün açıklaması ile “Filler eğlenmeyi severler, ama aynı zamanda birbirlerine sevgiyle bakarlar. Bu kadar iyi olmayan şey: Sunulan hayvan gerçekleri oldukça genel ve iyi biliniyor, bu da eski okuyucuları taşıyabiliyor. Fotoğrafı çekilen kişilerin profilleri daha ilginç olurdu. Hayvanlar, kendilerini evlerinde daha fazla hissedebilecekleri ortam yerine, aydınlık bir stüdyoda fotoğraflandı. Rakun ailesinin bir hayvanı olan coatis'in metinleri, “Birçok insanın evcil hayvan olarak ceketleri vardır. Onları yürüyüşe çıkarabilirsiniz. ”Yaban hayatını evcil hayvan olarak tutmakla ilgili herhangi bir yorum yapılmadı.

2019-12-26 21:26

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