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Alice Harikalar Diyarında, yazıldığı tarihten bu yana geçen yüz eli yılı aşkın süre boyunca, edebiyatın eşsiz eserlerinden biri olma özeliğini ingenious korudu. Hem çocuk hem de yetişkin edebiyatında önemli bir yere sahip olan bu kitap, hayal gücü zenginliğiyle küçük okurlara büyülü bir dünya sunarken, yetişkinler için bu büyüsünü içerdiği sembolerin anlam derinliğiyle gösterdi. Adının edebiyat tarihine altın harflerle yazılmasına yol açan eserleri kadar, matematikçi ve mantıkçı kimliğiyle de tanınan Lewis Carol’un Alice Harikalar Diyarında kurgusu, metne serpiştirilmiş bilmecelerle okuru da kitabın bir kahramanı kılar. Alice Harikalar Diyarında hem çocuklar hem de macera dolu naif çocukluğunu özleyen ve yılara meydan okuyan bir mantık labirentinde kendine sorular sormaktan çekinmeyecek okurlar için Stylish Klasikler Dizisi’nde yerini alıyor.  .


Alıce Harikalar Diyarında - Lewis Carroll kayıt olmadan ePub veya PDF olarak indir

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  • Yayımcı: İş Bankası Kültür Yayınları
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  • Dil: Türkçe
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  • boyutlar: Normal Boy
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  • Fiyat: 8,00 TL

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Alıce Harikalar Diyarında - Lewis Carroll


** spoiler alert ** i expected so much from this book, and just assumed I would love it. I think I jinxed it. its the first few pages of the book and I already don't like his reputation. I hate guys like this! I don't remember Tessa writing so trashy in goddess of the hunt. like "lay abed at night with her skirts hiked to their waists." how would Sophia know about that? &since when is Sophia so 'wicked?' for someone who just left her life for an adventure, she sure isn't very adventuress. how could she not know what the bucket was for?! it wasn't entirely clear why she left. you want passion, adventure. the vomiting on his shoes thing was gross. &idk why authors do stuff like that. she hit the goat! I couldn't believe it. that's so mean. "like the clear ring of fine crystal clinked in celebration, or the echo of a whisper in a cathedral." how does that say how she looks? you act squeamish about the fish &then suddenly want to reel them in. that's a 360. they're having feelings about each other way too soon.&i didn't really buy it when he started to act like he couldn't be parted from her. hate when characters get drunk. I thought he'd be jealous about gervais, but no. if you're gunna get drunk, have her put him in his place. not what actually happened. the "GDs" aren't necessary in here. "beat him to a pulp" is modern. hate when women throw themselves at the guy, get embarrassed and then do so again. the triton thing was kinda cool &definitely original. never read something like that before. but I expected so much more out of it. I wanted him to question her about gervais or something. the part about him ruining her striped dress & resewing it &then getting the pattern wrong so the stripes wouldn't match up was weird. "rowing in this'll be a bitch." sounded modern. stop flirting with davy! omg. that's so mean &I don't like characters who lead people on. "her loyalty to davy did not extend that far, as to wilt &freckle in the tropical sun while he repaired a bit of rope." that was really nice. "grilling him" is so modern. pay him the freakin money!! why wont she? why did you pretend not to have it? you paying him the money isn't gunna make him think you're rich or that you're hiding money. I didn't get that at all. I like the jealous aspect but her lying is offputting. I mean, shes taking it way too far. I thought in the 1st book she was just making up a funny tale with lucy. not that she'd take it this far and spin a whole tale out of it. &even if you are compromised, that doesn't mean you suddenly start talking about sex like it's okay. no self-respecting society miss does that. every book ive read where the guy thinks the girl isn't a virgin, he always gets jealous and feels resentment, disgusted/disappointed. but gray doesn't mind. because there's nothing wrong with passion. he acts like he doesn't mind in the slightest. yeah, he got a lil jealous but nowhere near what he should. &if he isn't gunna get jealous &mad, then why lie at all? Hes supposed to be mad! &he never really expressed that he was happy she was a virgin. some of this was really distasteful and I didn't know Tessa dare wrote like this. that's why I liked her books, because she was tasteful. after reading When Seducing a Duke, I never wanted to read a book like that again, especially not right after it. actually some of the sex scenes were exactly the same as they were in that book and I really didn't like it. I don't remember toby acting so weird. "Forgive me," he'd whisper after each kiss, swallowing hard between ragged breaths. "you're so lovely, I cant help myself. but don't be frightened, my angel. I shan't press you further. i'm so sorry." he's acting so weird. she'll compare herself to the men all the time. like she knew exactly what he meant about taking the ship &compared it to her going to the bank and getting her money.& how the sailors are lonely. how would you know about that kind of loneliness? I thought o'shea meant he was the first after gervais, not to paint. now I know why they said triton might keep her with him, cause its gray. which is so cute! what kind of name is "Benedict Adolphus Percival Grayson." what a mouthful. &then she said she stole the banknotes, which you didn't. you didn't steal them from toby, because you never married him. why are you-a pampered society miss-trying to compare yourself to sailors? we got hardly any information about her home life. like why her childhood was so bad. she made a comment about not liking her sister, but we don't know why. since her family and toby is apparently behind the whole runaway thing, you'd think she'd go into detail about them both. "finally understood that elusive, unnamable sweetness that always lingered about her, beneath the powder and rose water. it was innocence. his little siren was a virgin." whoa there, are you saying you can smell that? "the glorious Tropic." omg. why are you calling it that? the way they finally did it kinda came at random. I didn't like the way it happened. I don't like when characters start kissing early on because that's annoying. and this book was the opposite. I think it was over halfway before they finally kissed. that was also kind of annoying. I just wanted them to hurry up and kiss! &she shouldn't have made it where he finds the money right after. this girl is too needy, clingy, and touchy. she also cries too easily and is too clumsy. I mean he finds the money &she spends over a page touching him. stop touching him and trying to distract him and finally tell him the truth. "after all that we've shared?" she slid one leg toward him, until her thigh grazed his fingertips." you think your charms are so great that your leg touching his would calm his anger? oh lord. this girl is irritating. "she was still beautiful, Sophia told herself, with no false or undue modesty." someone's humble. how can you feel sympathy for a girl who's spun crazy tales, claiming to be ruined, who uses her wiles to entice a guy she doesn't know, all for the sake of finding passion forever with the same guy, who just has sex and assumes he'll never again touch another woman? yeah, you can't. she's a dang baby. sniffling loudly cause he hasn't acknowledged her. get some dignity. &her rushing up and saying you can't leave me again was not cute in the slightest. &I didn't realize his promise he made in bed to never leave her meant she'd also be tied to his side. he clearly doesn't want you so you decide to go with him on the other ship. if you had any dignity at all, you'd have stayed with joss. the word BAGGAGE across her forehead couldn't more plainly suggest that she's nothing but an unwanted burden. he treats you coldly and you smile at him when he comes in for supper. what is wrong with you?? he tells you he's keeping you around to see if you're pregnant and you-fix him dinner and ale in davy's stead so he can get more rest. this girl is PATHETIC! never heard a character say she wanted him to be happy, whether it was with her or not. just tell him your name, your past, about toby, everything. she acted like he wasn't ready to ask, when he's been wanting to know for a long time. why the secrecy? every time he wants answers, she changes the subject back to her feelings. "how could he expect her to share her own secrets, if he withheld his?" you haven't withheld anything! he's the one who's been sharing everything about his past while she's said nothing. I thought she was about to tell him why she cant go to England. but she just changes the subject once again &starts touching him. hes told you everything. just tell him your crap! it doesn't even compare to what he's done. the "I will find you" fairly screamed Last of the Mohicans. I love that line, though. who wouldn't want a guy saying that line? "I will have order" reminded me of harry potter. "my, how she missed this. making an entrance." she's so unlikeable! you painted your name on his butt? how was he supposed to find that? she offered to be his mistress?! wth is wrong with this girl! who wants that? I waited this whole book for lucy &Jeremy to come in, and Jeremy wasn't even in here. and lucy didn't come in until the prologue. and she was acting differently. Idr her talking like that in her book. &I get she was joking about Jeremy and parliament, but I didn't expect her to talk about him like that. the ship scene where he tracks her down has been done several times before, but I still love it. it was really cute. im so mad that we didn't get to hear his reaction about the baby! this book was full of random stuff, instead of having a clear storyline. The black brother, his dead wife, his son. The fact that it was gray's boat, but he wasn’t captain. Her sneaking into the bank. Her playing cards at his aunts house. So stupid how she wanted to use her dowry and buy them a cotton plantation. And, in the end, if his sister is staying in England, and his brother is studying law-&that was random-then why buy a plantation at all? I mean, was she even going to still buy it? &you expect there to be scandal when she gets back. That’s all she talked about. and in the end, of course things worked out perfectly for perfect Sophia. There was no scandal at all, because her family &friends made up a tale to cover for her. It shouldn’t have happened that way.not very realistic. So predictable that Mallory would make a comment about her-a basically true one-and she’d turn to gray. That was so pathetic. stand up for yourself. and you apparently wanted to be a tart because you wanted grand passion. for some reason, being a lady doesn't appeal to you. The scene where they pay each other their debts was cute. why did she tell davy she taught him how to flirt. How? You’ve barely been around him. and are you some expert on it? The “God gives birthmarks so ppl wont get lost” was fanciful but it didn’t make any sense. She never told gray about her getting the money from the banker. We didn’t hear the full story, either. "your calendar is full" is beyond modern. she didn't even see her family in here. i didn't like how the almost-hanging was put in almost at the end of the book. that was also random. and it was so weird how Sophia gets to the dock and then decides to part ways. that came out of nowhere. and she actually thought she was doing something heroic. then she actually doesn't leave at all, but makes gray think he'll never find her again. then she sits through the whole court proceedings and jumps in at the very last. i didn't like how she acted then, either. basically like a slut, trying to seduce the young pale guy. i also waited the whole book for her to tell him about toby. since he's the main part behind her meeting gray, he should have been discussed.&he was supposed to get jealous over him. i also thought she would tell him how her family treated her, etc., but no. that's a big part of why she ran away, so why wouldn't that be discussed between the characters? this book was nowhere near as good as the first one. I didn't like Sophia, and I wasn't that crazy about gray, either. nowhere near as good as lucy&jeremy. It was more like two stars, but I gave it three anyway. I don't like the fact that the next book is toby's. I mean hes been kissing Sophia, was almost married, and now we gotta read about him getting with someone else. its also random to throw him with gray's sister. i wasn't crazy about her in this book and i don't like her paired with toby, but im glad it wasn't this totally random girl we've never met before.

2020-09-13 09:48

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